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8017ROUND HOLLOW PUNCHES - 9 PIECES Print Download in high definition Check PDF file



• Ø 2 to 10 mm. The resistance of the tubes is between 162 and 180 kg / mm2. These can be used for the cutting of soft materials (rubber, leather, felt, foam, Teflon, ...) as for that of materials reinforced with fiberglass or steel ... (up to 0, 3 mm). Knock the end with a mallet or rubber mallet. Striking area: forged and tempered. Heat treatment: hardness 52 HrC. Chamfer anti-shine. Cut: lateral opening Hardness 52 HrC. Finishing: phosphated surfaces. Knurl of 50 mm wide on the periphery. Dimension indicated by a durable cold stamped marking.

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9 pcs E801700000113303808017001