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0928MILLED TOOTH TANGED FILE, CURVED TOOTH - WITHOUT HANDLE Print Download in high definition Check PDF file



• QUALITY OF MANUFACTURE: 30 years ago the group MOB acquired the European leader of files and rasps, TALABOT. The files are characterized by a long life thanks to its steel which is heavily loaded with carbon (1.3 to 1.4%). Furthermore, it is alloyed with chrome for a powerful blade. MOB checks the chemical composition of the used steels. In order to guarantee the quality of the cut, the blades are hardened. A hardness of 65 ± 2 HRC can be guaranteed for the files and 53 HRC for the rasps. The mob files and rasps comply with standard NF E 75 001-75 002. Dimensions: the files and rasps are defined by their length (without the tang) in mm. The degree of fineness of the size is measured in number of teeth per cm of length. This ratio varies according to the size of the file. The finishes are: bastards for roughing (1), half-soft (2) for routine work, soft (3) for finishing.

Hieb 1 / Cut Type 1
L mm ''##POIDS## gGArtikelnr.VPE / ##COND##EAN Code
300-12" E092830040163303800928077