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• THE QUALITY OF MANUFACTURING The MOB Group acquired the European leader in limes and rasps, TALABOT, 30 years ago. The steel of the graters is less loaded with carbon (0.45%) for efficient work on soft materials. At each casting MOB checks the chemical composition of the steels. The perfect control of the quench, a crucial operation for the quality of the cut, makes it possible to guarantee hardnesses of 53 HRC for the rasps. MOB graters comply with standard NF E 75 001-75 002. Stabbing of the rasps: the rasp stabbing is used to work soft materials like aluminium, lead, plastics or wood. The rasps finishing is measured in stabbing per cm2. The finishing is: gross (1), medium (2) and fine (3).

Hieb 1 / Cut Type 1Hieb 2 / Cut Type 2
L mm ''Abmessungen mm / Dim mm##POIDS## gGArtikelnr.VPE / packaging unitEAN CodeArtikelnr.VPE / packaging unitEAN Code
150-6"15 x 4 E0940150101123303800940017       
200-8"20 x 5 E0940200101123303800940130  0940200201123303800940147  
250-10"25 x 6 E0940250101123303800940253  0940250201123303800940260  
300-12"30 x 7 E094030010163303800940376  094030020163303800940383