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9129SET OF 6 SCREWDRIVERS Print Download in high definition Check PDF file



• ERGONOMY: combination of 2 materials: Elastomere for a tactile comfort and optimal grip / Hard black heart for a maximum resistance. A very powerful torque thanks to the handle shape. 5 handles of various dimensions for a great efficiency. SPEED: handle thinning for very quick screwing. Both the advantages of a screwdriver with round body: shape adapted to your hand, natural second operation movement. And the advantages of a screwdriver with square or triangular body: powerful torque without tightening too much, when set, it does not roll. SOFT SPHERICAL HEAD: shape adapted to the pressure, color codes for an easy identification. CONVENIENT: good visibility by red color. A STEEL QUALITY FOR EACH TIP: for slotted, Philips and Pozidriv screwdrivers: vanadium and chrome alloyed steel. For Torx screwdrivers: manganese and silicon alloyed steel for Torx srews only. Precise technical use.

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PH0 - PH1 - PH2 - PZ1 - PZ2 - PZ3170x340x45620E912900060113303809141071