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• ERGONOMY: 4 points of innovation on the neck: - A MARKED GUARD FOR ENHANCED MAINTENANCE: the guard has 3 functions: during pushing or longitudinal traction, avoid tightening the sleeves too hard and so relieve the muscles of the hand and forearm. Avoids the slipping of the hand. Do not slip on the metal part when pushing. When precise closures, allows a fine guide by the thumb. - EASY OPENING WITH ADAPTED DESIGN: the opening is facilitated by a suitable shape of the inside of the clamp and a smooth material, hard and without relief. No spring: a choice assumed, for more security (the clamp remains closed). POWERFUL CLOSING IN FULL HAND = less muscular effort: wider handles allow a better distribution of the pressure inside the hand. The neoprene material of the grip has both comfort and the coefficient of friction adapted, neither too hard (requires to shake hands), nor too flexible (warms up and generates blisters and sweating). - BETTER PRESERVATION OF THE CARPIAN CANAL: carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the important MSDs. The area is not spatulate but the length of the sleeve is increased and the area of ​​the carpal tunnel is simply avoided by a refinement of the clamp at the end. CHOPPED OFF: all cutting pliers have a remote axis for maximum leverage, says HIGH LEVERAGE. LEVER EFFECT = BETTER CUTTING PERFORMANCE: for better cutting performance, the axis of the joint is reassembled closer to the cutting edge. Present on the diagonal cutting pliers, universal, half-round beak and bent half-round bent. PERFORMANCE OF THE TAILLANTS = PERFORMANCE AND LONGEVITY: for the cutters to be both powerful and durable, 3 points are necessary: 1- a superior quality of steel: Chrome Molybdenum, an alloy known for its high mechanical properties, and especially its toughness. 2- hardening of the cutters for a longer service life. 3- optimal geometry of the cutters. GEOMETRY = MINIMAL CUTTING EFFORT: the cutters have a studied angle, neither too fine for a longer life, nor too obtuse, for a minimal cutting effort. This optimization is done on the new MOB cutting pliers. CAPACITY: the cutting pliers are designed to cut any type of wire and strip: strapping, steel or nylon, Ertalon, Nylatron, copper wire, bronze, hard, medium hard or even piano wire. FINISH: the premium range pliers feature a premium chrome finish. Chrome plating increases surface hardness and protects against corrosion.

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